KiA ORANA and welcome to the Cook Islands ship owners association - C.I.S.O.A

About The Cook Islands Ship Owners Association (CISOA)

The Cook Islands Ship Owners Association (CISOA), an incorporated society, was established in October, 2014 to further registration and promote training opportunities for Cook Islanders.

One of the benefits of the CISOA membership is that it facilitates hassle-free enrolment of all vessels excluding yachts on the register.

We now have more than 250 vessels on board and the number is growing rapidly.

The objectives of CISOA

  • To facilitate and promote registration of ships in the Cook Islands
  • To assist seafarers on Cook Islands flagged ships in need.
  • To support Safety of Life at Sea and promote Maritime Safety.
  • To represent where appropriate, Cook Islands registered ships and their owners at national and international meetings and forums.
  • To facilitate and promote maritime training and employment opportunities for Cook Islanders.
  • To be a vehicle through which issues of common interest can be explored and communicated to the Cook Islands Permanent Representative to the IMO, and other similar agencies such as ILO when appropriate.
  • To join international ship owner organisations such as the International Chamber of Shipping and thereby give members a voice in these organisations.