The CISOA was established in October 2014 for ship owners to facilitate a hassle-free enrolment for vessel registration, to create a forum for ship owner’s views and interests to be discussed and for Cook Islanders to expand their maritime training opportunities.

We now have more than 250 members on board and the number is growing rapidly.

Any ship owner that has or wishes to register a vessel on the Cook Islands Flag or is interested in becoming a member of the Association.

One of the objects of the Association is to promote maritime training and employment opportunities for Cook Islanders.

No.  The Association is separate from Maritime Cook Islands which is the entity that facilitates vessel registration.

  • To facilitate and promote registration of ships in the Cook Islands
  • To represent where appropriate, Cook Islands registered ships and their owners at national and international meetings and forums.
  • To facilitate and promote maritime training and employment opportunities for Cook Islanders.
  • To be a vehicle through which issues of common interest can be explored and communicated to the Cook Islands Permanent Representative to the IMO, and other similar agencies such as ILO when appropriate.
  • To join international ship owner organisations such as the International Chamber of Shipping and thereby give members a voice in these organisations.

It is $1000 USD per annum, (1 January to 31 December).

Download the application form from the website and contact your closest Deputy Registrar http://www.maritimecookislands.com/maritime-cook-islands/deputy-registrars/

All ship owners of registered vessels with the Cook Islands must be a qualified person.  The Association is one means of becoming qualified.  If the owner is a non-Cook Islands resident, the other options are to register a Foreign Company or establish an International Company with Cook Islands Trust.

Provided ALL required documentation is submitted at the same time and full payment is received, the approval and processing time is 24 hours.

Maritime Cook Islands requires that all ships that fly our flag comply with all of the relevant international maritime conventions.  However, we do not impose any additional requirements beyond IMO Conventions and IACS Unified Interpretations.